Chime the Night

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chime the night, chime the day
Those that hide, those that fight
Shroud the day, light the night
Praise the wrong and curse the right

Fields of green, fields of dust
Swords of steel, to bloody rust
Those betrayed are those that trust
What to do? What we must!

Chime the day, chime the night
Chime the day, chime the night

Hear the lies of a cold state
Breed us all as carrion bait
Move the figures on the board
See the puppets see the cord

Is there hope, i see none
The race that's lost cannot be won
Ride the wolf, it bares its teeth
Pick the flower, lay the wreath

Chime the day, chime the night..

Sol Invictus “Chime The Night”, from the album "The Hill Of Crosses", 2000


candacejean said...

So pretty!

Vadim said...

It seems you shoot a light pillar on the last photo. Where and when it was?