Sunday, March 29, 2009


(She said, "no complications...I've been hurt too many times before
and each time, well it gets a little harder - I'll hurt you if you stay
for more. (she said....) She said : "it was different last night; You
were a tiger on the prowl. You had claws - but they snapped. You don't
attract me now. She said, "Don't bother phoning ; I'd slam the receiver
right down. Well, I just want to be alone you know these days.....)
Somewhere someone's laughing.

the legendary pink dots, from the album "the Lovers"


[///] said...

'hide your eyes e.p.' cover

inmost_light said...

О, и правда:)
но фото еще с 2005-го, тогда я о них и не знала