American Beauty

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sometimes there is so much Beauty in the world
I feel like I can’t take it,
like my heart is just going to cave in

that is why i am photographing
because it is impossible not to describe somehow these moments of Beauty, when it's hard to breathe, to move, to turn away, and not to share with them, not to photograph
Sometimes I think, i need a video camera, there are so many things that will not be seen on photographs,
like recently in Tel Aviv, late in the evening, I was standing in the middle of the street, it was raining, but i couldn't stop watching the puddle - drops falling, reflections of car lights, swaying brunches, falling leaves, so beautiful and so inexpressible.. I felt like some kind of music started to play in my heart, and it was so warm, so cozy with the rain, and this music, and with this street..


[///] said...

моё впечатление от фильма было когда-то сильно подпорчено какой-то американской же пародией. они стояли вдвоём, и он держал в руке верёвочку, на другом конце которой реял, как воздушный шарик, надутый пакет с надписью что-то типа "the most beautiful thing i've ever seen". они смеялись, обнимались, а пакет им вечно мешал, тычась в лица.

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